DIY Iron Wagon Wheel Clock

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The best treasures are those hidden away in plain sight.

While cleaning the basement, I stumbled across an old iron wagon wheel that was just calling out to be repurposed into something useful.

The wagon wheel was rather rusted from years of weathering but beyond the exterior, I saw something amazing.


I used some rust converter to fix the rust and make the surface paint-able. I painted the wagon wheel with an oil rubbed bronze spray from Rust-Oleum.


I found some old fabric wire and cut it into a circle to match the wheel and tied it into place.

Next, I purchased some numbers from a craft store and spray painted them with a foil finish.  When dry, I hot-glued them to the wire backing.


After I fitted it with a clock-kit, the DIY Wagon Wheel Clock was ready to hang. It’s now the latest addition to the Penny Jarr Designs workshop.



1 Comment

  • kim ray Reply

    Hi Penny can you tell me where you got the clock kit?

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