Joan of Arc Horse Lamp

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A long while ago, my Dad was given this old lamp by a co-worker who was going to throw it away due to being broken. Unfortunately, life tends to get in the way of our best intentions and the lamp was forgotten about and left in a damp basement for years. After beginning recent renovations on the basement, I found the lamp and decided to attempt my own restoration. The paint was chipped, peeling off in many places, and discolored. I knew this was more than just a cleaning job. The paint needed to be stripped, resurfaced, and the lamp completely rewired. Below is the progress on this project thus far:

Dust cleaned off, but mostly how the lamp was found. It’s made of spelter.





The lampshade pretty much fell apart in my hands


Date found on the bottom inside of the lamp


Paint removed and lamp resurfaced. I will start repainting it with enamel paint to match the style of the original lamp 1/21/16


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